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Travel Tuesday: How to avoid a packing crisis

Travel Tuesday: How to avoid a packing crisis

Have you ever had a packing crisis? Chances are, you have. Especially if you ever went somewhere for longer than 2 weeks. But I have a couple of tips that will make packing a lot less stressful from now on.

1. Start again

If you find yourself in front of your suitcase or backpack and cannot close it or it is just way too heavy, then start again. And don’t just take a couple of pieces out. Throw everything out and start again.

2. Choose the things you cannot live without

Whenever we travel, most of us will pack pieces that we won’t end up wearing anyway. Start by making a pile of clothes that you feel most comfortable in and that you picture yourself wearing all the time. Then start a “nice to have” pile. That’s for all the pieces that aren’t as comfortable or that belong to the “I might need something fancy etc” category. Now you can start packing again. Starting with the absolutely need/ comfortable clothes.

3. You won’t need half the things you desperately think you are going to need

You’ve still got too much? Then it’s good to remember that you definitely don’t need all the choice and variety you think you need. Four T-shirts, 2 jumpers and 2 bottoms (i.e. pants, shorts or skirt) are more than enough for a backpacking trip.

4. If in doubt, start rolling your clothes

Another great packing tip that I’ve just recently learnt is to roll your clothes. You won’t believe the amount of space you gain when you roll your T-Shirts, jeans and jumpers. And, as an added bonus, your clothes will also look a lot less wrinkled than clothes that you’ve folded.

5. Invest in travel towel

And finally, a great space and weight saver are travel towels. They also dry really quickly which make them the perfect item for any traveller. I own this one.

I hope those tips will make the next time you have to pack a bag a lot more relaxed.