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Travel blogger you should know

Travel blogger you should know

Our Open Road

Our Open Road is the story of a family of four who set off two years ago in a VW Westfalia van. Their goal was to travel from LA to Tierra del Fuego and back again within a year. Now, two year later, they have reached Brazil and there is no end to their travels in sight. Luckily for us because the stories they publish on their website are full of beautiful photos which give the reader a clear insight into the cultures, nature and people they encounter.

They intially funded their travels through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. However, after deciding that they wanted to keep on travelling past the 12 month mark, they came up with a different funding strategy. Every couple of months they stage a 24 Hour Bazaar where they sell artisan goods in a flash sale.

If you are interested in long-term travel, living in a VW van, Central and South America or travelling with small children, please check them out:

Hasta Alaska

The initial idea of Hasta Alaska was to drive from Chile up to Alaska (hence the name) in an old VW van. That was in 2011. Now, in 2014, Ben and his crew have reached California and are planning to spend the winter in Mexico before heading north next spring.¬† So while the plan has changed, Hasta Alaska’s passion for adventure has not. The Hasta Alaska crew consists of Co’Pito, the VW bus, Ben, the driver, Alaska, the Peruvian cocker spaniel, and the Kombi Crew, a host of Couchsurfers. Ben documents his adventures via his website and videos that he puts up on various plattforms (eg. Youtube).

Ben funds his travels through donations that can be made on his website, clicks on Youtube and helpful strangers.

If you are interested in the Americas, living in a VW van, Couchsurfing or life on the road with a cocker spaniel, please check them out:

Fun for Louis

Fun for Louis is the Daily Vlog of Louis Cole. Louis says about himself that he loves travelling the world with his friends, having fun and inspiring others. Louis divides his time between his native London, where he catches up with friends and family and the world, where he does pretty much everything. Through his vlogs, he gives us an insight into the life of a full time traveller who never ceases to be amazed by nature, culture, food and the world in general.

Louis funds his travels through Youtube and the sale of his clothing line Find the Nomads which he build up with two of his friends.

You can find his vlogs on Youtube: