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Throwback Thursday: A little review of 2016

Throwback Thursday: A little review of 2016

It’s the end of September and I have been meaning to write something like this post since June. If you have read my goals for 2016 post ( if not, you can find it here), you will know that I had big plans for this year. To be honest, I did not achieve a lot of the goals that I set out to achieve this year. I haven’t done my sailing license, my blog still isn’t as big, as I had envisioned, and I also haven’t started putting up tours on Trips4real.

In other terms, however, I managed to achieve exactly what I set out to do. I feel like I became myself this year. This point is really difficult to explain (which is also the reason why I have kept off writing this post since June) but I will try. I have been incredibly shy and quiet for pretty much my entire life. However, I have also always felt like that wasn’t who I really was. I knew I was tougher and more self-confident than people knew me to be. But I also wasn’t brave enough to show that side of me. Being this way, however, has stopped me from enjoying my life the way I wanted to and it has also stopped me from taking opportunities that I really wanted to take.

What a difference a year makes

Now if you have read my other post (again, you can find it here), you will know that the end of 2015 was not the greatest time in my life. But I now realize that, actually, it was in a way because it shook me awake. I stopped caring what people thought. I started speaking my mind and I started creating the life that I knew would make me happy. By doing so, I started pulling opportunities and people into my life that have changed my life almost beyond recognition. If someone had told me a year ago how 2016 would go, I probably would not have believed her*him.

This year, I have already travelled to three countries, including Ireland and Barcelona, where I had never been before. In the coming months, I will travel to four more countries, France, Uruguay, Brazil and Argentina. This year has also led me to write for an online travel site which has been a dream of mine for years (you can find that article here). And it has also introduced me to people that have shaped and enriched my life beyond measure.

So I cannot wait for the months to come in which I plan to do a lot more blogging, to catch up with all the unbelievably amazing and exciting things I got to experience this year.