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Throwback Thursday: Kayaking in the Abel Tasman

Throwback Thursday: Kayaking in the Abel Tasman

Last year in February, I had just come back from two weeks in New Zealand and a trip to the Abel Tasman. And as it was so grey and cold over the last few days, I thought I’d do another Throwback Thursday.

I went to New Zealand to attend the wedding of my Kiwi host sister (I went to school in New Zealand when I was 16 and lived with a family there. And up to this day, we’re still in touch). So for my first week, I was in Wellington, my favorite city in New Zealand. At first I did a couple of touristy things and then I went to my family, to help with some wedding preparations and to go to the actual wedding.

In my second week, though, I flew down to Nelson to finally see the Abel Tasman National Park properly. I did a big kayak tour on the first day and a sailing tour on the next.

Abel Tasman

The tip of my kayak while paddling through the Abel Tasman. It was actually quite scary, taking pictures while out on the water, but so worth it.

To start the kayak tour, a tiny (but very fast) motor boat took us out to a beach in the northern part of the Abel Tasman. From there, we kayaked for about 3 or 4 hours along empty coasts and seal-filled island to a little cove where we had lunch. The day started off really cold and so I wore lots of layers. Just before we took our break, I rolled up my sleeves just a bit because it had gotten so warm. And sure enough, since it was a patch of arm I hadn’t put sun-screen on, I ended up with a really embarrassing along my wrists (such a rookie error).

Before we got back into our kayaks, we even went to a swim. It was a perfect, if exhausting day. I will never forget the quiet out on the water – with the slapping of the waves against our kayaks and the chirping of the cicadas up in the trees – the only sound for miles. This is the one feeling I seek out whenever I travel. The feeling of being completely lost in nature. One with my surroundings and absolutely free.

When was the last time you felt completely one with nature? Share your stories with me in the comments below.

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