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“The Futures” by Anna Pitoniak: Economic crisis meets growing up

“The Futures” by Anna Pitoniak: Economic crisis meets growing up

Growing up is hard. High-school. Undergrad. Postgrad. And then what? While for 20-odd years you’ve just been blissfully moving from one pre-determined stage of life to the next, you suddenly find yourself in front of this vast sea of opportunities. And you’re utterly clueless where to go from here. Remember that moment in your life? I certainly do which may be why I loved reading “The Futures” by Anna Pitoniak¬†so much. A captivating read for anyone who’s ever been confused about love, life and the way ahead.

Love, life and the way ahead

Anna Pitoniak“The Futures” captures the confusion you feel after finishing university, or finishing any chapter of life, magnificently well. There’s a lot being said about the opportunities open to us today but not enough about how hard it is to choose a path. This book captures this feeling from two equally compelling perspectives while also setting the novel at an extremely uncertain point in time: the economic crisis of 2008.

Evan and Julia, a couple at University, both move to New York together but both move there under different circumstances. Evan is about to start a high-paying job at an investment bank. While Julia is almost entirely clueless about what to do next. Both struggle with their choices and find their struggles magnified in the wider chaos that is flaring up around them. New York and the economic crisis almost acts as a third character at times, impacting the storyline while also giving Evan’s and Julia’s story a fitting background.

“It’s so tempting. Being told: this is who you are. This is how your life will go. This is what will make you happy. You will go to the right school, find the right job, marry the right man. You’ll do those things, and even if they feel wrong, you’ll keep doing them. Even if it breaks your heart, this is the way it’s done.”

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