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My month in pictures: November

My month in pictures: November

November began with me lying on top of a rickety bunkbed, listening to the sound of the waves on the beautiful island of Florianópolis in Brazil. The month ended, rather less exciting, on a really grey and foggy day in Berlin. Florianópolis is also called “the magic island”. I have found this to be so true. The combination of long sandy beaches, lush forests, stone coastlines and the abundance of fruits and vegetables might just make you stay on the island forever. (And I have actually met people that have been there for months.)

Iguazú used to be described to my by people who had been there, as a place that cannot be described. A description I never quite understood. But they were right. You just have to go there to appreciate the diverse impressions that Iguazú will leave you with. I will write about Iguazú soon, so I will try to explain what it’s like there. But for the moment, I’ll just leave you with 3 images I took there.

And last but not least: Buenos Aires. I took a photo tour with Fotorutas through Palermo one afternoon which was a great way to see a different side of the city. The last image was taken back in Berlin. On one of those rare sunny November days.

Next month’s pictures will probably be very grey, dark and Christmas-y but that’s just how December in Berlin looks. If you want to follow along with my December as it happens, click over to my Instagram.