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My month in pictures: January

My month in pictures: January

I started the year off thinking, that I could post a photo to Instagram every single day. The assumption was that I have so many images on file anyway, that I could easily choose a photo to post. Even on a day when the weather or work prevented me from taking a new photo. But I soon noticed that Instagram went from something I enjoy, to something that was forced. I wasn’t always happy with the images and I just felt forced to post something. So by the second week of January, I had gone back to my old schedule of posting every other day. And it felt much better. ūüôā

Two of these three photos were actually taken last year. But I couldn’t let those sunny winter pics go to waste, so I just posted them in early January when I had to go back to work. The first photo was taken in January though. The image I’m holding was actually taken in Bariloche in Argentina two years ago. But I love the message of “Follow your heart” and I want this to be a bit of a motto for this year.

Winter finally hit Berlin at the beginning of January, so, naturally, I had to post some snow pictures. Despite the cold, I just love the feeling of walking on snow and watching it fall. Everything becomes so quiet. And the people who dare to go out, have the same childlike sparkle in their eye that I have.

I also stumbled across a Wordsmith paste-up on a corner in Berlin, when it suddenly startet snowing. I just love walking around in the snow, so this felt really magical.

For my birthday, I headed to London to visit friends and to get away from everyday life for a bit. I got really lucky and the weather turned out amazing on all three days (amazingly sunny but also amazingly cold, that is). My main “goal” was to shop for books (about which I will write¬†more soon) but I also spent lots of time walking along the river and to some of my favorite places in London.

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Hi, my name is Ulrike and I love to travel. I've been raised surrounded by books, travel guides, travel memoirs and TV shows about travelling. I have childhood memories of days spent by the beach, randomly learning bits of Norwegian, gutting a fish and of dancing traditional dances on Greek islands. But things don't always go as planned and the times where you ended up far from where you started or far from where you ever intended to be, usually make for the best stories. Travel teaches us to let go of plans and expectations and to just go with whatever life has in store for us. I want to share my stories with you, to give you the courage to live your own adventures. #ShareYourJourney