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Interview: The far and wide traveller

Interview: The far and wide traveller

1. First things first, what is your first travel memory and how old were you?
First trips coming to my mind are our family trips to Mallorca. My brother an I went every Year with my mother and/or my grandparents and I think this started when I was still an infant.

2. What is your favourite means of transport?
Trains and hithhiking if I have plenty of time.

3. What was your longest journey and what did you do?
After I finished my social service in Germany with the age of 20, I left with a oneway-ticket to Australia. Apart from coming home to Germany eventually, my plan was not to have a plan. After saving up some money work&traveling, I sailed to Indonesia and made the hole way back without taking any planes. The trip lasted almost two years so it’s impossible in this interview to tell you what I did exactly. To make a long story short: I met incredible people along the way, learned heaps about life and love, saw incredible places and had the time of my life.

4. What was your most memorable travel moment (can be could or bad)?
Too many, sorry!

5. What do you like best and least about travelling?
Best: Getting to know new and incredible people on the way and learning new things.
Least: Not to be able to meet and see all the incredible people back home where I normally live at the same time.

6. Did you ever meet someone who made you want to become a Restless Traveller?
Yes (Klaus Schubert) and after that experience I left home for almost two years.

7. What inspires you about the other travellers you meet while “on the road”?
The attitude that everything is possible and can be done without a lot of money or even money at all.

8. Where do you want to go next? Or what place do you really want to see one day?
Some more of Europe, South Africa, Brasil, Central America, more of the US and Canada and much more.

9. Can you recommend somewhere I definitely have to go one day?
Indonesia and Laos!

10. And a couple of quick questions (just highlight the one that applies):
Hitchhiking and First Class

Camping and Hotel

Using a map or getting lost

Guide book or asking around