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Discovering street art in Berlin Kreuzberg

Discovering street art in Berlin Kreuzberg

Having  just come back from a long weekend in London, I was still very much in the exploring and seeing new and exiting things in familiar places mood when I found myself walking along familiar streets in Berlin again. And so, on Friday, I found myself crouching in weird corners and taking photos of houses that I had walked passed many times before.

Even when street art is quite simple, like the two examples below, the effect can be striking and transform even the most mundane street scene.



I cannot even remember how often I have walked passed this house in the past but apart from noticing that it was emblazoned with blue spray paint, I never looked closer to see past the blue and the typical Berlin icons.


Once I looked closer though, I fell in the love with the tiny yellow airplane pulling a “You’ll never walk alone”-sign behind it. I especially love the bar’s name alongside it. In this part of Kreuzberg, the last year was marked by conflicts between the police and the district government on one side and refugees and the local residents on the other. So sign such as this that declares that no one walks alone is a powerful statement for the local attitude.


Sometimes it’s best to just chill out and let the chaos pass you by.