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Day 25: Going home

Day 25: Going home

Buenos Aires/ the Atlantic, 26. February

My last day in Argentina had arrived and I just didn’t want to leave. Despite having been eaten alive the day before by mosquitos (note to self: there can never be enough insect repellent! And not to you: always take insect repellent with you and slather it generously on yourself, unless you’re travelling with me, then you’re safe), I felt like there was so much more to see. I think if someone had asked me to stay and explore South America with them for a couple of months longer, it would have been tough to say no.

I took a shuttle to the airport and enjoyed the view of the chaotic streets and the general chaos. At the airport, I proved once again that I just didn’t understand Argentinian Spanish (conveniently by not understanding the question whether I was carrying any sharp instruments or explosives). After going through security, I waited for my flight to be called and for my mosquito bites to stop hurting so badly. Eventually, I got to go on the plane and was lucky enough to sit right at the back with very nice people next to me – an Argentinian guy from Ushuaia on his first flight and an older English woman who just got back from a cruise to the Malvinas and Antartica. The flight was long but quite comfortable and, after my rant at Iberia, I would like to state here that British Airways has lovely flight attendants and very tasty and recognizable food. If you ask me, when booking a flight from Europe to South America, always invest a little bit more and fly with British Airways rather than safe money and fly with Iberia. It’s just not worth it.

How did you like my South American adventure? Is there anything in specific I should talk about more? In the coming weeks I will do posts on traveling alone and as a woman in Latin America and on maneuvering the blue dollar and the bus system, but maybe there’s something else you’d like to know. Just let me know in the comments