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Day 22: End of the road trip

Day 22: End of the road trip

Puerto Madryn/ somewhere in Argentina, 23. February

We welcomed the new day the moment it started because it was my friends birthday and a birthday has to be celebrated even if you’re virtually in the middle of nowhere. I had bought a chocolate cake and some candles the day before, and so we welcomed his new year on the beach with cake, peach jam, white chocolate and juice.

In the morning, we awoke to a sun-warmed van and a lot of wind. It was very difficult to get up that morning because, while the bed was quite hard to sleep on, it was so comfortable and nice to wake up in a toasty warm van, somewhere in the world with a day of exploration and spending time with friends before you. Call it what you will (end-of-travel-melancholy maybe?) but I really didn’t want to leave the van that morning. After breakfast and the usual packing up of the van in the morning, we left our campsite and headed into town so my friend could catch up with birthday messages. As soon as we got into town, and were sheltered from the wind, it was incredibly warm. We went to the next phone/internet-shop and as soon as we descended the stairs, we entered a dark and stuffy world, filled with old computers, screens that almost make your eyes bleed and, I’m sure, electronic radiation from the 1980s. Since I was leaving that day, while the boys were about to head further and further away from reliable internet connections, I soon headed out again, bought an ice-cream and stocked up on some food for the long bus journey ahead.

When I got back, I encountered two grumpy boys, one because the computers gave him a headache and the other because the internet connection was so bad. To cure my friends headache, he and I walked to a café, with our eyes set on cake, tea and some fresh air. It has to be said, Argentinians make great cake! We settled on lemon-meringue-pie, something chocolaty with dulce de leche and more meringue and a big pot of tea. Thus equipped, we sat in the sun, ate our cakes, watched the sea and just enjoyed the day. We were soon joined by a dog who settled down beside us and wouldn’t leave our side, even after we started walking towards the pier.

day 22_sign

To finish the day off, we had a mix between a Chilean complete and an Argentinian choripan before eventually heading to the bus station. The boys dropped me off before heading to a movie. Thus, I was left alone again on my journey and semi-patiently waiting for my bus to arrive. While the bus network in South America is quite good, they aren’t always necessarily on time. My bus arrived about 20 minutes late (just the beginning of how late my bus would arrive in BsAs) and I was lucky enough to have no one sitting beside my for the beginning of the journey. The bus quickly retraced the miles we had passed in the van only days before and carried me into the night and further and further towards Buenos Aires.

day 22_leaving