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Day 21: Puerto Madryn

Day 21: Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn, 22. February

When I woke the next day, I felt the warmth on my skin, as the sun heated up the van. I also heard music and people laughing. Wondering where this was coming from, I saw two couples (or at least the boys tried to turn the girls into girlfriends) dancing next to a car a little way from our van. My friend and I sat in the van watching the four for ages, wondering whether the boys might end up lucky. But alas, while we ate breakfast, the four eventually left, with no sign of success for the two boys.

Day 21_bulli

day 21_coast

The day was very relaxed and very hot. We parked the van in the shade next to the beach to fix it up a bit. The boys changed the rubber along the doors of the van, cleaned the motor and played with glue, while I cleaned the car, inside and out, and was later put on dinner making duty (after having empanadas for lunch). Besides working on the car, we also relaxed in the shade a lot with extended nap periods and ice cream breaks. I also booked my seat on a (very) long distance bus up to Buenos Aires the next day. I was really not looking forward to leave the endless beauty of Patagonia and the beach but I was also excited to finally see Buenos Aires after hearing so many stories about it.


Please excuse the blur