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The Christmas Gift Guide for travel lovers

The Christmas Gift Guide for travel lovers

Christmas: the time of year where you’re desperately trying to remember whether the person you care about has ever mentioned something that they might like. If you are looking for gifts for your favourite traveller, I hope my list of gifts for every budget will help you to find one (and it’s totally okay if that person is yourself 🙂 ).

Stocking fillers:

The vintage photo box is a great gift for every traveler who always takes images but never gets around to printing the. You can choose 26 images and have them printed out and looking beautifully vintage. At Christmas, the photo come in a gorgeous Christmas wrapping.

Beautiful travel-themed bracelets by Wanderer Bracelets and Pura Vida Bracelets. Only a few people can travel all the time but these bracelets are the perfect gift to remind you of your journeys.

Not so pretty but very handy when you’re  traveling are these silicone bottles for shampoo and lotion. Amazon has them in many different shades and by many different companies but here‘s just one example.

A bit whimsical giftfor every camera lover, is this camera lens travel mug.

And how about the Feminist Activity Book? Let’s face it, if you’re a woman who loves to travel and you also like to go to countries that people may deem unsafe, you’re most likely a feminist. And in keeping with the name of this blog: how about Doodling for bookworms?

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For under the Christmas tree:

This one is a bit of a classsic in terms of gifts for travellers. But nevertheless, the Scratch Map of the world is a great gift for every traveller who likes to keep track of where they’ve been and where they’d like to go.

Map-lovers beware – I have found a website that caters to your (I mean our) needs. Awesome Maps has maps for surfers, snowboarders, football fans, bucket list hunters, scratch map fans and so much more. If you like maps, be sure to tip your family and friends (and partners) off about this website.

If you are looking for a gift for a camera fan, look no further. KlickKlickZoom make beautiful camera straps for a lot of different tastes. I got a camera strap there a year ago and absolutely love it. I also frequently get asked where I got it from.

Toiletry bags might not be the most exciting gift but they certainly are very handy. Especially, if you don’t want to end up hunting down your shampoo in your backpack in a dark dormroom. I really like this one by Topo Design.

If all else fails, you can always give a travel guide or some other travel inspiration for Christmas. Lonely Planet usually has a coupon code on their website so you can safe a bit of money on your holiday shopping.

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Little bit more expensive:

If you are looking for something a little bit more pricey then the necklaces by Emma Kate Co are absolutely gorgeous. They remind your travelling friend of the last trip or they make them look forward to the next.

If the next trip is a little further off, you can plan your next trip from you work desk or bedside table with the Cork globe.

Camera bags, camera straps and more. Designstraps has you covered if you’re looking for camera bags that are a bit different than the ones you can buy at the camera store.

On my last trip, I discovered my love of hammocks. They are so comfortable and you can just lie in there and forget about the world. So a great gift for travelers and especially backpackers is a travel hammock. For example this very light and easy to pack version.

Travel towels aren’t necessary pretty but they are very handy. This Travel towel is both handy and very nice to look at. It comes in different designs, so you can even choose one that fits your next travel destination.

The ultimate adventure blanket is the Kachula Blanket. It’s waterproof, easily packable and can be converted into a cushion as well as a jacket.

The gift where your whole family can chip in:

Some presents are too expensive to be bought by just one person. So here are some presents that are better bought by your entire family or friends.

The Eurail Pass Europe gives you the option to travel through Europe for different amounts of time. Just check the website to see what amount of travel days would suit you best.

A new camera or lens. Lots of camera brands, e.g. Canon, have special discounts over Christmas and the holiday season. If your entire family wants to chip in to get you one bigger gift, this can be a good place to look.

And have you found something to give your traveller friends for Christmas? Do you have an exciting gift to add? Tell me about it in the comments.