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Category: Inspiration

Let’s talk about 2016

It’s that time of year again: Christmas is over, 2016 is about to begin and everyone thinks about the year behind us and about what lies ahead. So naturally, I’m going to do the same. Mainly, because for the first time ever, I am actually coming up with some sort of new year’s resolutions. 2015 or what’s been The past year has been pretty much about trying to find my way. For the first 7 months, I was trying to find a job which I would not only enjoy but that would also pay my bills. I am now...

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Travel Regrets

I don’t know if you have heard of Travel Talks on Twitter. But each Tuesday, travel bloggers and those who love to travel take over Twitter under the Hashtag #TTOT. Each week, we discuss a topic to do with travel and last week, the topic was travel regrets. And surprisingly, or rather unsurprisingly, a lot of people had similar regrets. Namely, a regret over foods not tried, places not gone to and about not having traveled long enough. One regret I didn’t get, however, was about having gone to a world-renown landmark and that place not living up to...

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10 surf movies you should definitely watch

Sometimes, when you’re stuck at home and can’t travel, all you want to do is escape to a place far away that is preferably very warm. So let me introduce you to my personal list of the 10 surf movies you should definitely watch.* *I started this list in August after attending the Berlin Surf Film Festival, so this post has been a long time coming. But it’s December, so if you’re living in the Northern Hemisphere, you probably desperately need a break from winter. So essentially, perfect timing. 😉 1. The old, the Young and the Sea (Spain,...

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Throwback Thursday: Summer in New Zealand

Three months from today, I’ll be boarding a flight to New Zealand to spend two summery weeks at the other end of the world. If you follow me on Instagram, if not, you can do so here, you will already know about this. You’ll also know, that this January trip falls 10 years after my last birthday in New Zealand. I’m so excited! Birthdays aren’t something that excite me too much but if you’re used to the weather on your birthday usually being cold, rainy and depressing, getting to spend in summer and, hopefully, in the sun and at...

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Throwback Thursday: On a hunt for Nessie

As you’ve read last week, I went to Scotland at the beginning of September. And like a good tourist, I went to Loch Ness and had a look for the most famous of Scottish monsters.  I went there on a big Highlands tour (this one, if you’re wondering) and Loch Ness was the first stop. The weather was about as Scottish as it gets, with fog and light rain. I didn’t actually go on a big cruise but instead scrambled along the rocky shore to get good pictures of the heather the flowers and Loch in the background. But...

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