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Category: Europe

Discovering street art in Berlin Kreuzberg

Having  just come back from a long weekend in London, I was still very much in the exploring and seeing new and exiting things in familiar places mood when I found myself walking along familiar streets in Berlin again. And so, on Friday, I found myself crouching in weird corners and taking photos of houses that I had walked passed many times before. Even when street art is quite simple, like the two examples below, the effect can be striking and transform even the most mundane street scene. I cannot even remember how often I have walked passed this house...

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Throwback Thursday: A summery day in Ramsgate

Depending on where you are in the world, this is a very late Throwback Thursday, but never mind. This week’s Throwback Thursday is brought to you by a warm autumn day in September 2010. This picture was taken in Ramsgate, a week before I started Uni in Canterbury. I went to England early because I wanted to explore the area a bit before I got buried in books and essays and the stuff that comes with studying in England. I had actually planned to go and see the Charles Dickens museum in Ramsgate but unfortunately it was closed that...

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A visit to the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

Every year in May or June, Berlin celebrates the Carnival of Culture. The heart of the Carnival is on Sunday, when all the cultural groups in Berlin dance, sing, drum and play their way through Kreuzberg. From Friday to Monday, there is also a big street party going on with stands of international foods and drinks, open-air stages and all sorts of knick-knacks from all over the globe. In the evenings you can barely walk for the amount of people on the streets and there is something going on wherever you look. Luckily, the weather gods are always kind on...

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Throwback Thursday: A visit to Paris

Throwback to summer 2007 and a much anticipated visit to Paris. I went to Paris with two friends as we finally wanted to try out our hard-earned French skills and of course to visit all the important sights. We had booked a hotel room in Montmartre and spent five days exploring the city and visiting the Louvre, Notre Dame, a rather well-known English bookstore, Sacre Cœur and the palace of Versaille. I liked Versaille the most because we had all the details of the French Revolution drilled into our heads in sheer endless history lessons in school so it was really exciting to see what had enraged the French so much all this time ago. And I have to admit, if I had been starving and living in poor conditions in 1789, I would have wanted to see the heads of the people living in that gorgeous palace rolling, too. This picture was taken at the back of Versaille. Behind me is the palace and I was looking out unto beautiful groomed gardens and endless green hunting grounds. If you’re ever in Paris, be sure to check out Versaille, it’s more than worth the entrance fee (currently a simple ticket costs 15€, with people under 18, as well as residents of the EU who are under 26 being granted free...

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Throwback Thursday: First Backpacking Trip to Edinburgh

In 2010, a friend and I decided to fly to Edinburgh to go see the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo that takes place each year in August as part of the Edinburgh Festival. Neither of us had ever been to Edinburgh so we were both excited what the city had in store for us. Despite the accent, which takes some getting used to, we were both instantly on love with this green and historic city. To be fair, the weather was on our side so we only experienced one day of rainy Scottish summer but I’m sure we would have loved it anyway. Whenever I had travelled before, it was always for long stretches of time and with enormous suitcases, so this was my first time as a “backpacker”. I liked the comfort of not having to pull a suitcase around with me but I wasn’t fond of this particular backpack. Since then, I have moved on to a Vaude backpack that you can pack like any backpack but you can also open the front and pack it like a duffel bag which is much more convenient in my opinion (mine is no longer available but it’s very similar to this one). What backpacks do you travel...

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