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Category: Germany

Forgotten Places: Teufelsberg Field Station Berlin

There is beauty in rolling fields and sandy beaches, yes, but I have always felt that there is a lot of beauty in steel and concrete as well. Okay, maybe not beauty exactly but definitely some intriguing quality that draws you in and makes you fall in love. Like the eyes of a stranger on a train. You don’t know them but something makes you forget time and space just for a moment. And so I jumped at the chance to go up to the derelict Teufelsberg Field Station in Berlin. The Teufelsberg is a direct result of the...

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Discovering street art in Berlin Kreuzberg

Having  just come back from a long weekend in London, I was still very much in the exploring and seeing new and exiting things in familiar places mood when I found myself walking along familiar streets in Berlin again. And so, on Friday, I found myself crouching in weird corners and taking photos of houses that I had walked passed many times before. Even when street art is quite simple, like the two examples below, the effect can be striking and transform even the most mundane street scene. I cannot even remember how often I have walked passed this house...

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A visit to the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

Every year in May or June, Berlin celebrates the Carnival of Culture. The heart of the Carnival is on Sunday, when all the cultural groups in Berlin dance, sing, drum and play their way through Kreuzberg. From Friday to Monday, there is also a big street party going on with stands of international foods and drinks, open-air stages and all sorts of knick-knacks from all over the globe. In the evenings you can barely walk for the amount of people on the streets and there is something going on wherever you look. Luckily, the weather gods are always kind on...

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The MyFest in Berlin Kreuzberg

On Friday I went to the by now almost traditional MyFest in Berlin-Kreuzberg. It was created 12 years ago as a counter event to the riots and street fights that used to break out between leftist groups and the police on May, 1st over the past 15 years. The people of Kreuzberg and the police wanted to take back that day and thus a big street party was born. Now, 12 years later, the MyFest has become a big event for the city and the revolutionary May 1st demonstration has almost stepped into the background. The streets of Kreuzberg 36 (the...

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