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Our Open Road Our Open Road is the story of a family of four who set off two years ago in a VW Westfalia van. Their goal was to travel from LA to Tierra del Fuego and back again within a year. Now, two year later, they have reached Brazil and there is no end to their travels in sight. Luckily for us because the stories they publish on their website are full of beautiful photos which give the reader a clear insight into the cultures, nature and people they encounter. They intially funded their travels through a crowdfunding...

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I have loved travelling ever since I can remember. For about as long, I have also known that travelling can sometimes involve a degree of “danger”. The two main examples that come to mind are a trip to the Baltic Sea where I, aged somewhere between 3 and 5, have managed to stick a nail into my forehead while playing at an old Strandkorb (for those who don’t know what that is: It’s a beach chair, commonly found at the beaches of the former GDR). The subsequent trip to the emergency room in an ambulance is still a very...

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