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Author: ulrike

Throwback Thursday: Van life in Patagonia

Three years ago on this day I headed off on a night bus through the quite literal Pampa in Argentina. A friend was in Argentina, too and he had just bought an old T2 VW van. So we figured that we could meet up and cruise down the Atlantic Coast for a couple of days. How could I say no to that? And thus began a week of wild camping and van life on beaches in northern Patagonia We met in the no-one’s-ever-heard-of-that seaside town of Las Grutas. I just checked, and Google Maps actually makes it look like it’s a sort of...

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My month in pictures: January

I started the year off thinking, that I could post a photo to Instagram every single day. The assumption was that I have so many images on file anyway, that I could easily choose a photo to post. Even on a day when the weather or work prevented me from taking a new photo. But I soon noticed that Instagram went from something I enjoy, to something that was forced. I wasn’t always happy with the images and I just felt forced to post something. So by the second week of January, I had gone back to my old...

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My month in pictures: December

A little bit of winter and a stunning sunset. There wasn’t a lot that happened in December to be quite honest. It was cold and grey most days. Not exactly perfect conditions for stunning photos. But I actually bought a new camera this month (most of the pictures below were taken on my new Canon 6D), so I did still try to get out as much as possible to play with my new camera. The picture of the records that you see below, was actually at a photography tour I did in Buenos Aires. But since it was a Christmas...

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The ghosts of my Christmases past

Growing up in Germany, Christmas meant mulled wine, dark evenings and lots of Christmas music. It also involved the expectation of snow but, 90 % of the time, not actually getting any. But my most memorable Christmases happened abroad when the chance for snow was zero or when everything went utterly wrong. So let me dig up the ghosts of my Christmases past. Berry picking and dinner on the floor – Christmas in New Zealand When I was 16, I was living in New Zealand and lived with a family and went to an all-girls High School. As New Zealand is so far...

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