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Author: ulrike

My favourite (international) traditions: Pancake Tuesday

If you ask me, one of the best things about travelling is that you get to know other traditions. Growing up, you experience every year pretty much in the same way. A Christmas tree always looks a certain way and the food on Easter always includes a certain dish but not another. Once you travel, you get the chance to experience everything differently. Back home, you can adopt your favourite traditions that you met along the road, like Pancake Tuesday! Pancake Tuesday, or Shrove Tuesday, is wedged between Shrove Monday and Ash Wednesday and is thus part of the preparations for...

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How to prepare a trip by… Reading

You picked a country, saved up money, bought the plane ticket and now you can’t wait to go! But wait, do you know anything about the place you’re going to? Whether it’s the sights, the people, the customs or the language, there are a lot of things you could or should know before you travel somewhere. And the best way to learn about a country and its people is through books, films and, of course, the internet. In the next couple of posts, I will introduce you to the best and most fun ways to get in touch with the places...

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The (almost) complete list of travel books – Nonfiction Edition

Have you ever looked for a book of a country you were just about to go to? I have. And I know many people have because that was one of the most frequent questions I heard while I worked at a bookstore in Berlin. Books are actually a pretty good way to get to know a country. Movies and TV shows usually show the “pretty” version of a place. Who wouldn’t like to live in a huge apartment in New York and hang out at a coffee shop almost 24/7 while barely working like the people from Friends?! But that’s...

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Throwback Thursday: Kayaking in the Abel Tasman

Last year in February, I had just come back from two weeks in New Zealand and a trip to the Abel Tasman. And as it was so grey and cold over the last few days, I thought I’d do another Throwback Thursday. I went to New Zealand to attend the wedding of my Kiwi host sister (I went to school in New Zealand when I was 16 and lived with a family there. And up to this day, we’re still in touch). So for my first week, I was in Wellington, my favorite city in New Zealand. At first I...

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Six of my favourite travel books of the past 12 months

I just love reading. It calms my crazy mind and it is my way of travelling for times when I can’t actually travel. My mum always made sure that I was surrounded by books. Fiction, guides, travel books, atlases, coffee table books and many more. A habit, I have certainly kept up (on a recent trip to London I just bought 10 more). I have read a lot of travel books during the past couple of months and so I wanted share some of my favourites with you. Gloria Steinem – My life on the road This book first came to my...

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