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Author: ulrike

The Christmas Gift Guide for travel lovers

Christmas: the time of year where you’re desperately trying to remember whether the person you care about has ever mentioned something that they might like. If you are looking for gifts for your favourite traveller, I hope my list of gifts for every budget will help you to find one (and it’s totally okay if that person is yourself 🙂 ). Stocking fillers: The vintage photo box is a great gift for every traveler who always takes images but never gets around to printing the. You can choose 26 images and have them printed out and looking beautifully vintage. At Christmas, the...

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How did we get to Trump’s America? | Tracing the insanity with books

In many respects, the past 365 days have been a nightmare from which I am yet to wake up (more about that in yesterday’s post). 365 days in which lies were just “alternative facts” and reality is waved aside as “fake news”. On November 9. 2016, I awoke to the nightmare of a Trump presidency. Anxious, wide-eyed and completely disbelieving of the reality that 63 million Americans would rather choose a racist, misogynistic, lying, dictatorial orange windbag, than a woman. After the election I felt like I had PTSD – election PTSD. When, after a few weeks or months,...

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An entire year of Trump | Make the world love again

Today marks an entire year of Trump. 365 days in which we have all had to come to the realization that being an unqualified racist man is still more qualifying for the job of US President, than being a very qualified and experienced woman. So today is a good day to think back to this day a year ago and how first excited and then devastated I felt. On November 8., I woke up in Puerto Iguazu. A little town in the north-east corner of Argentina, no one knows, unless they have visited the “Cataratas”, the waterfalls that stretch...

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