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About me

About me

A blurry picture is the result of not owning a selfie stick and trusting other people to take a picture of you

What got me into travelling?

I have loved travelling ever since I can remember. For about as long, I have also known that travelling can sometimes involve a degree of “danger”. The two main examples that come to mind are a trip to the Baltic Sea where I, aged somewhere between 3 and 5, have managed to stick a nail into my forehead while playing at an old Strandkorb (for those who don’t know what that is: It’s a beach chair, commonly found at the beaches of the former GDR). The subsequent trip to the emergency room in an ambulance is still a very fond memory. At another occasion in Ibiza, Spain, aged 7, I developed a yeast infection on my head because my mum, loving and protective as she is, insisted on me wearing a hat at all times, even while my hair was wet.
While we are at the topic of my mother: It’s easy to blame everything on our parents but my love for travel is surely her fault. I grew up watching travel documentaries and documentaries about the Maya or Inca and the indigenous peoples of Australia. If that wasn’t “bad” enough, she also instilled in me a love of travel writing and travel guides of all shapes and sizes. At one point, we actually started collecting travel guides. If that doesn’t make my love of all things travel her fault, then I don’t know what I could blame her for. Anyway, moving on.

Travel writing – a.k.a. What inspires me to travel?

The one person whose books on travel I devoured, is Bill Bryson. If you don’t know who he is, then I seriously advise you to stop reading now and head to the next bookstore to buy one of his books. Go on, I’ll wait.

Are you all caught up now? Good, moving on.

To me, Bill Bryson is the funniest travel writer of our time because he just gets how it feels to travel; the excitement of walking in the streets of a city you have never been in before, and how exhausting and uncomfortable long distance flights (or buses) can be. Bill Bryson is also the author I always come back to while I travel because his style of writing is captivating, entertaining and easy to read while on one of those previously mentioned long distance flights.

Why I started this blog

I have always wanted to be a travel writer because it combines three of my passions, travelling, meeting new and interesting people and writing. When, on my last adventure to South America, I discovered, once again, that it is really about the people you meet while on the road, I decided to start writing a travel blog myself. My hope is that I can inspire my readers to travel and explore the world. And even if you currently don’t have the money to go on a big adventure (even though I’m not saying that travelling necessarily requires large amounts of money), you should go out and explore your own city. Maybe try and see familiar places with the mindset of someone seeing it for the first time.