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A visit to the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

A visit to the Carnival of Cultures in Berlin

Every year in May or June, Berlin celebrates the Carnival of Culture. The heart of the Carnival is on Sunday, when all the cultural groups in Berlin dance, sing, drum and play their way through Kreuzberg. From Friday to Monday, there is also a big street party going on with stands of international foods and drinks, open-air stages and all sorts of knick-knacks from all over the globe. In the evenings you can barely walk for the amount of people on the streets and there is something going on wherever you look.

Luckily, the weather gods are always kind on this one weekend. Even if it’s quite cold just days before the Carnival, once Sunday rolls around, it’s always nice and sunny and sometimes almost painfully hot (last year it was 36°C on Sunday).


My personal food favorite this year were the incredibly refreshing ice-lollies from Paletas Berlin. I ate a strawberry -lime one and it was so good. The other flavors they had on the day were cucumber-lemon, yoghurt-rapsberry and mango-coconut. All the ice-creams are hand-made in Berlin and a lot of them are also vegan.



One of the public’s favourites are always the Samba groups with their electrifying music and the joy and enthusiasm of the dancers. The group on the picture above is Sapucaiu no Samba and they traditionally start the Carnival off each year as the first group. If you listen to their music in the video below, you soon notice why. Their music is the perfect start to a long day of dancing. The later in the day, the more people start to join the groups on the street. So the procession just gets longer and longer.

Have you ever been to the Carnival of Cultures?