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My favourite (international) traditions: Pancake Tuesday

If you ask me, one of the best things about travelling is that you get to know other traditions. Growing up, you experience every year pretty much in the same way. A Christmas tree always looks a certain way and the food on Easter always includes a certain dish but...
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How to prepare a trip by… Reading

You picked a country, saved up money, bought the plane ticket and now you can't wait to go! But wait, do you know anything about the place you're going to? Whether it's the sights, the people, the customs or the language, there are a lot of things you could or should...
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The (almost) complete list of travel books – Nonfiction Edition

Have you ever looked for a book of a country you were just about to go to? I have. And I know many people have because that was one of the most frequent questions I heard while I worked at a bookstore in Berlin. Books are actually a pretty good way to get to know a...
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Throwback Thursday: Kayaking in the Abel Tasman

Last year in February, I had just come back from two weeks in New Zealand and a trip to the Abel Tasman. And as it was so grey and cold over the last few days, I thought I'd do another Throwback Thursday. I went to New Zealand to attend the wedding of my Kiwi host...
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Six of my favourite travel books of the past 12 months

I just love reading. It calms my crazy mind and it is my way of travelling for times when I can't actually travel. My mum always made sure that I was surrounded by books. Fiction, guides, travel books, atlases, coffee table books and many more. A habit, I have...
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Everyone who travels has a story to tell and I want to know your story. Were you afraid before you first set off? Or did people try to tell you how dangerous it is to travel? What is the best thing you have experienced while traveling? What about the people you met, the food you ate and the places you slept at?

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Hi, my name is Ulrike and I love to travel. I’ve been raised surrounded by books, travel guides, travel memoirs and TV shows about travelling. I have childhood memories of days spent by the beach, randomly learning bits of Norwegian, gutting a fish and of dancing traditional dances on Greek islands. My first big adventure came when I was 16, when I set off to live in New Zealand for a year to go to school at a girls High School and to live with a family there.

That’s not to say that my travel memories are only full of sunshine and happy days. Especially the first 3 months in New Zealand were much closer to hell, than they were to paradise (if you want to know more, read this). But that is all part of the fun, isn’t it? Because things don’t always go as planned and the times where you ended up far from where you started or far from where you ever intended to be, usually make for the best stories. Travel teaches us to let go of plans and expectations and to just go with whatever life has in store for us.

I want to share my stories with you, to give you the courage to live your own adventures. #ShareYourJourney

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”
― Mary Anne Radmacher

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